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Keynote Presentations & Workshops

7 Keys to Unlocking Your Limitless Potential

In this moving and emotional message, Ryan shares what it’s like to survive five near-death experiences, hit rock bottom, serve jail time, lose everything – and find his way back to the surface to create a limitless life. Audiences will learn the seven keys to up-leveling their own lives with more intention, less stress, more vitality, and less fear.

How to Go from Survivor to Thriver

A survivor mindset is limiting and anchors people to the past. A thriver mindset allows people to throw open the doors for an abundant future, live a life aligned to their mission and vision, and leave limiting belief systems behind. By squashing negative self-talk and living authentically, thrivers are able to create a life filled to the brim with joyous expectation and peaceful appreciation. In this empowering message, Ryan shares the real-life lessons he’s learned on his journey from catastrophic illness and near-death experiences to ultimately thriving in business, wealth, relationships, and spirit. He’ll show the audience how they can move from surviving to thriving in their own lives.

How to Get Anything You Want in Life

Words matter. Especially those we tell ourselves. Trading negative thought patterns for positive affirmations after surviving unbeatable odds, Ryan takes audiences on an emotional journey of self-discovery and empowerment. In this game-changing message, Ryan teaches the powerful creative visualization process that has allowed him to remain cancer-free for more than eleven years. His methodology will allow audiences to do more and be more while creating more fulfilling lives.

Creating a Thriving Business & Personal Life

In this highly interactive talk, Ryan will share some of the must-have mindsets and strategies audiences need to thrive in business and life in today’s fast-paced world. They will learn Ryan’s inside secrets for creating the shift that will allow them to begin feeling complete, satisfied, inspired, and ready to take-on-the-world. Ryan will share his own journey from rock-bottom to earning almost seven figures in just two years. He’ll share powerful business insights and foundation-builders for personal strength. In this keynote, Ryan also pulls from the audience to problem-solve one-on-one creating an elevated experience with “lightbulb” moments and life-affirming solutions. It’s entertaining, uplifiting, and results-producing – exactly what audiences need to thrive and create the life of their dreams.

Life Lessons Dogs Teach Humans

Animals have a lot to teach us. About balance. Connection. Relationships. Joy. Survival. And Loyalty. Pulling from his long history of work training more than 3,000 canines – as well as his personal harrowing life experiences and transformational self-discovery work, Ryan shares with audiences lessons that will leave them feeling more insightful and empowered, inviting them to view life through a more inspiring lens.

Overcoming PTSD Using Dog Training Techniques

Pulled from Ryan’s TEDx talk of the same title, audiences learn how psychology, systematic training, and years of work with animals allowed him to overcome the adversities of PTSD stemming from combat and an abusive childhoow, a long history of illness and accidents, and facing his own mortality. It’s an eye-opening message of hope, resilience, compassion, and patience that will move audiences out of their own shadows and into a life filled with more purpose, passion, and toolks to overcome whatever life throws their way.


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